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With Vitel, you never have to worry about paying more than you have to with energy, ever again! Our system will allow us to find the lowest rate available in your area. Complete your enrollment and Start saving today!

Simply choose Commercial or Residential Property Type, and enter your ZIP code, Vitel's innovative system will do the rest!


Why Switch?

It's the same electricity, the same lines, why pay inflated rates? With Deregulation now a reality in many states around the country, companies can now compete for your business, driving the prices lower.

Your service will not be interrupted, and there is no equipment to install. In fact, the lines are already there, the ones you are ALREADY USING! The only thing that changes is the company name on your bill, and your lower rate!

What is Deregulation?

With no industry competition, local utility companies were previously able to get away with elevated electric rates. This resulted in disgruntled customers and, eventually, the government stepped in to reduce electric rates by deregulating the industry.

Now, consumers in participating states can switch to a low-cost electric supplier and possibly lower their electric bill each month.

Average Americans are saving hundreds per year on their electric bill by shopping competitive rates! Be one of them! Check rates in your area FREE!

Why Vitel Energy?

Millions of people are earning while saving through energy, and now, You can too!

Vi-Tel has partnered with top rated, nationally recognized companies that provide the latest and greatest products and services throughout the United States.

Switching to one of our providers has never been easier! It is fast and easy. Simply click your way to savings.

Simply Choose Plan, Complete Enrollment, Start Saving Today while helping others with this unique program. Give back to families just like yours who are trying to make a difference. By Choosing Vitel, you can TRULY make a difference.

Experience True Satisfaction - Pick Month to Month or no contract service. You can always switch back to your old provider.

Save Money & Make Money - Save money with our competitive rates and services, while making money, when you become a member of Vitel.